We will help you to find a job in Germany

Have you completed vocational training as a nurse? Do you have at least 4 years of professional experience, work well under pressure and are flexible? Can you speak German, or are you ready to learn?

  • We will help you from the selection process to the start of work in Germany.
  • We will look for a job in a hospital or healthcare facility, where you will feel at home.
  • We will help you get your professional credentials recognized to their German equivalent as soon as possible.
  • We can help make your transition easier by helping you find an apartment, registering you for national medical insurance, opening a bank account. After you have arrived in Germany, our company has someone to help.
  • Wir verlangen keine Vermittlungsgebühr von Ihnen. Das Angebot ist für Sie kostenfrei.

If we have sparked your interest, send us your questions
via email (Bewerber-Archiv@medical-work-solution.com) or get in touch with us personally.
To apply, please send your application (PDF) via email including your:

  1. CV
  2. Certificate of university degree
  3. Examination results of university degree
  4. Certificate of school diploma
  5. Employment reference letters (if applicable)
  6. application photo (jpg)