In Germany, the demand for healthcare professionals continues to grow. By 2020, Germany will have over 152,000 unfilled positions. which is an increase of  36%. The current labor supply will not meet this demand.


Germany needs:

  • Nurses

  • Pediatric Nurses

  • Pediatric Intensive Care Nurses

  • Intensive Care Nurses


Medical Work Solution places healthcare workers in Germany.


You have completed training as a nurse, have at least 4 years of professional experience, work well under stress and are flexible and you already speak German, or are willing to learn it, then this is your chance to work and live in Germany.


  • The requirment is the participation in a German language course  for learning the German language. The language course will prepare you to successfully pass an exam in Level German B1 and B2  at the Goethe Institute. 

  • We will find a position in a hospital where you will feel at home.

  • We will be at your side from the first meeting in your country to the start of your career in Germany as a nurse or caregiver.


There are no referral fees.


Our Services:

We will help you get established  with your new life in Germany, starting with finding you an apartment to applying for health insurance, opening a bank account.


If we have sparked your interest, send us your questions via email or get in touch with us personally.

To apply, please send your application (PDF) via email including your:

  • CV

  • Certificate of university degree

  • Examination results of university degree

  • Certificate of school diploma

  • Employment reference letters (if applicable)

  • application photo (jpg) 




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